Utah: Top Spots for Hiking & Camping

Utah, one of the four known as Four Corners states. Shines in beauty with regions of the Rocky Mountains to a semi desert feel of the Mojave Desert. Most known for encompassing the largest saltwater lake in the world, the Great Salt Lake, Utah offers the wonders of Mother Nature.

Planning a trip to the 45th state admitted into the U.S., leaves you loaded with many adventures to find. Having a third most national parks out of all 50 states, the pictures you see do not give them justice. Utah is a state only an outdoorsman’s eye can appreciate.

Boulder Mountain

The name alone says a lot, Boulder Mountain. Being one of the highest in elevation, setting up living quarters amongst Mother Nature gives you a sense of the older days. With the gorgeous sunsets and many offerings this area bring to your eye, camping can be a peaceful experience. This location is filed outdoor activities for any man’s dream, including hiking.

Utilizing the guides, leading you in and around the boulders and country areas will give you the most out of your hiking adventure. The name is appropriate, the soil is very rocky here, if you’re camping I would use a backpacking hammock to stay off the ground for a comfortable nights sleep.

Mirror Lake / Hwy. 150

Camping in the Mirror Lake fills up rather quickly and reservations are suggested to get in early. Waking up elevated 10,000 feet high will surely take your breath away, replacing it with memories of sites to share.

With so many different things to participate in giving you the feel of what camping is all about. Add some hiking in this trip and you are sure to leave satisfied. The many trails offer you a chance to become one with nature. One note I should make here is that heavy rains can come out of nowhere, bring a rain coat!

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Adding in the beautiful red rock cliffs, a dab juniper and pinyon pine trees, topped with blue skies to complement the 3,000 acres of sand dunes with give your camping dream a canvas for the whole family to enjoy. They do offer modern amenities such as restrooms and showers. Come to Coral Pink Sand Dunes and plant your feet here for a bit.

Taking in the many areas of this location will allow you to see the wonders Mother Nature offers to a hikers view. Everywhere your eye sees is a new scene not yet explored. Enjoy Mother Nature art creation here.

Goblin Valley

Camping here in what was once recommended national monument, Goblin Valley offers geological wonders. Planning a trip to this location will definitely bring a lot of new adventures for any family. With modern amenities such as hot showers and restrooms, you may have to bring your own water but it is well worth it to have a trip of a lifetime.

Hiking through the coves and around the haunting rocks as well as many other views waiting to be seen, you will be amazed at the natural beauty held in this location. Seeing everything to see here may require more than one visit.

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