Set Up A Locksmith Business With Less Than $5000

Getting into the locksmith business venture is lucrative if you know what you’re doing. This is because it is an occupation that never goes out of time. People must always need your locksmith services for their locks; including home and vehicle locks.

But setting up a locksmith business can be a bit on the high side. If you take some precautions, however, you can successfully set up a locksmith business with less than $5000.

First of all, you have to be very skilled at picking and installing locks. Being a locksmith is not just about picking locks anymore. It is more complicated than that today. What a locksmith aspiring to grow should know includes; how to install all kinds of locks and lockouts, how to handle vaults, how to make keys, et al. Vocational skills do not cost much, and there are books available that talk about this. Then keep practicing on your locks or those of your neighbors if they would let you. If you want to, you could also take a class in small business management. This would help with an easy running of your business.

Then, go and get a locksmith license. It is not required in every state, but to be on the safe side, it is advisable you get certified as a locksmith. This way, you’ll be able to prevent certain liabilities.

Get the important equipment first. You can ask those already in the business to recommend good tools that are also affordable to you. Do not go spending unnecessarily on tools.

You will need a van. This is because it is cheaper to work from a mobile office than working from a room. Granted, if a locksmith works from a room or their homes, they will get more work than doing it the mobile way, but the downside is that, working from home would result in a lot of expenses. To set up a mobile locksmith office, you would not need more than $2500. And again, a locksmith does not really need a home office because the main work is done at the client’s place. This van when gotten, should be painted, with the name of your business and phone numbers are boldly written on it.

Spread the word. Tell your family members, friends, and neighbors about your new job. Start with taking up jobs from a few of them so that they can see what you can do. And from there, you would likely get your first set of customers. Also, getting together with businesses/ apartment owners or managers would also help with referrals.

Belong to a locksmith association. This helps with credibility when prospective clients are looking for a locksmith that is close to them.

Advertising your locksmith services is also very important. Your phone numbers should be on the yellow pages, for people to be able to find you when they need a locksmith. Also, you can advertise on Google Places and newspapers.

With under $5000, you can do all these and get your own personal locksmith business up and running. What’s more, you would be your own boss and appreciate the liberties of being a small business owner.

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