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6 Quick Tips to Make Your Sibling Love Stronger 


The bonding between a brother and a sister is simply amazing in more than one way. It is a special bond which makes them care for each other, share each other secrets and support each other during difficult times. With the compulsion of going for higher studies and in search of a job, siblings do have to part away from each other. In case, you are facing the same situations, here are the few tips that can help in making the siblings love stronger than before.

Send a book of the favourite author- For people who are avoid book lovers, sending the book of their favourite authors will be a wonderful gift. You can send books of the favourite authors to your brother or sister in order to make the bonding between the two of you stronger than before.

Buy a wonderful rakhi for your brother- There are several occasions which can help in cementing the brother-sister relationship in a wonderful manner. To make the proper utilization of such occasions, you need to send rakhi to Delhi online for your brother who is staying away in Delhi. It will make him realize the strong bonding of your sibling love by watching those wonderful rakhis.

Offer homemade cookies and delicacies- People who are away from the home are often longing for homemade food and quick snacks for those short bursts of hunger. To spread the love and affection with your special brother, you can prepare the homemade cookies and delicacies that are simply outstanding in taste and appeal.

Watch your favourite comedy childhood movies together- If you want to relive the old fun days of your childhood, you need to watch the favourite movie that used to tickle your funny bones and made you laugh endlessly with your brother for a long time. You both have certainly grown up as adults but that doesn’t mean you still can’t crack up jokes and laugh openly together.

Take a joy ride to an amusement park- Having fun rides with your sibling is always a wonderful memory to cherish for a long time. In case, you want to make your brother or sister relive the old good days of the childhood again, you both need to go for a joy ride at the nearest amusement park. The whole scenario will have the same impact compared to the situation when you send rakhi to Delhi online for your adorable brother.    

Go out for a short walk in the park together- You and your brother have been meeting for a long time and it is an altogether different feeling for both you. To make these mixed feelings really simplified, you both can go out for a small walk together where you could easily discuss about a wide range of issues that could easily bring back that old comfort in your sibling relationship.

So, note down these simple but effective tips that can help in giving a new definition to your sibling relationship. It is definitely the right time to take your brother-sister relationship to a new level.


A Thank You Note for People Who Made Me Learn the Toughest Lessons of Life

Life is full of experiences and every time we meet somebody, we keep on adding the new experiences with every person whom we meet in our lives. It could be your next door neighbour, your youngest friend, a person whom you just met on the train, a close friend or even the ugliest relationship possible.  Each one of them might have taught you different things but they were perhaps one of the best learnings that you could have had in your life. Here is a big Thank-you to all those people who have taught me something useful in life and teaching me one lesson at a time. And I am sending all of you thank you flowers for teaching me the greatest lessons in the easiest way possible.

To the teacher who taught me that being beautiful is not the biggest thing but being yourself definitely is. Thanks ma’am for letting me appreciate my individuality.

To the classmate who taught me that being expelled out of the classroom was not the biggest thing in the world.

To my parents for letting me take my own decisions and supporting me whenever I failed.

To my crush who taught me that there is a beautiful side of me which I have never seen. I wouldn’t been aware of it till I met you.

To my ex- who made me cry a lot but eventually taught me to move on. Thank you for making me emotionally strong.

To my sister-in-law who was so perfect at everything that I started finding perfection to be too boring that I never thought of achieving it.

To my English teacher who had shown me a different side of my personality which I was never aware of.

To my roommate who taught me the adjusting can be a good start for every relationship.

Thank you to that beloved friend of mine who always made me believe that it is absolutely okay to mess up at some time or the other.

To that colleague of mine who always lend a patient ear to me in times of trouble, I was happy to have you by my side, you made me learn a lot of things.

To the friend who taught me laughed her lungs out even during the most distressful situations, making me believe that you should always smile even when darkness falls upon you.

To the friend who took care of me when was ill like my own Mom. It taught me that kindness went beyond ties.

Why You May Fall In Love With Kolkata, The Cultural Capital Of India?

You all must have grown up hearing that Kolkata is the cultural capital of India or the city of joy. But how many have ever wondered about the reason behind such nicknames? This place was the country capital till 1910 and many scholars, poets, intellectuals have voiced about their love for this city which is beautiful in a ruffled manner. I mean one cannot call it pretty or astonishing in terms of glitter or glamor like Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bengaluru or New Delhi but still in every aspect of its politics, poetry, or drama, this city would make you fall in love. Here are some of the enlisted facts which I would love to share or discuss with you that would make you fall in love with Kolkata.

Birthplace of cultural honchos:

Those things that shapes our culture are literature, cinema, and politics. And this place is the birthplace of Tagore, Ray, Subhash Chandra Bose, and etc. By the way these were those block of people who were always ahead of time. Do you know rakhi was popularized by Tagore in Bengal? Now when you send rakhi to Kolkata to celebrate this festival, do remember this great soul.

Knowledge square famous as College Street:

Do you know if you cannot find a particular book in this space, probably it doesn’t exist anymore? Once I found the hand-written script of Satyajit Ray in the book collection of some street book vendor. From Tagore to Tolstoy, from Amish Tripathi to Satyarthi, you would be thrilled to know the appetite of Kolkata for books.

History speaks through its old meets new lanes:

This place provides a wonderful view of old meeting the new. The North part still retains the old world charm and the South part is posh and so called trendy with shopping malls. But history is so intact in Victoria memorial hall, Fort Williams, British Library, Indian Museum, or the Shahid Minar, that you would be mesmerized.

Food a la fish, Kathi Rolls and Roshogolla

The Goans and the rest of South India can keep their very tasty Fish Curry dipped in coconut or cashews but when it comes to Kolkata, it is the essence of mustard oil and paste of mustard seeds that gives you an irresistible platter of fish curry. Once you are done with the main course, of fish or mutton biriyani (yes the people of Kolkata are very fond of mutton) and Kathi Rolls, take a dig into the best ever made Roshogollas.

The craziness of Durga Puja:

If you put the madness or importance of Holi in Mathura, Diwali in Delhi, Christmas in London, and Valentine’s day in Paris in one place and add to it the month-long national sensation of world cup, still you won’t understand what is Durga Puja fever in Kolkata. You have to witness the love and warmth of people yourself by being here in Durga Puja and you have no other option that falling in love with this city.

See, falling in love with Kolkata is so easy and it is a city that accepts people of all religion, country, and caste with equal élan. The city is growing with the advancements in technology as one of my brother is deputed in a small town in Kolkata, I was amazed that I could actually send rakhi to Kolkata this time through an online portal that was a dream come true some years back.


good night quotes for her from the heart

good night quotesAnd suddenly the sky was blue and there was what you were looking clearly and sweetness!
Life has ups and downs … Low muffle the high and high conceal low. Times are straight without any grace, sometimes we are in the hills spotting everything and it’s just a couple of smiles, satisfies and delights any instant!

Beautiful night Happy Life!
And if today was not perfect, there will always be tomorrow!
I want a perfect night, which eases the difficulties of the day and bring rest to your body and your soul!
And tomorrow when a new day emerge, there will be new hopes and new dreams to be realized!
Beautiful dreams!

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Beautiful and serene night angels!
Receiving with harmony and peace over this blessing of God, where rest with faith and hopes • A weekend of bliss is coming! Peace and good always all that together share the nobler sentiments of friendship and affection! • ♡ Kisses Angels!

Night of peace, harmony and relaxation to all of us!
In times of so many trials, share these beautiful feelings of love and friendship makes us lighter, more serene and strengthen our hopes! Gratitude always for the love of you!

serenity and gratitude … belas Mensagens De Amor so we received tonight that this coming … the rest of the body and mind … harmonizing the heart … and calming the soul … is the time to thank you for blessing this day … and all the divine caresses we received … strengthen our ties of hope and faith! … Good evening!

Dear God, the day ended and frases curtas I know that everything was as the Lord intended. I know that everything happened according to his will, for no one better than the Lord to know what I need. God, prepare for tomorrow, take care of me, my family and all my friends and grant us a quiet night and a blessed sleep.

Tune peace, harmony, love and serenity … wherever you are right now … that your heart receives the blessing of peace and light … quietly embracing tonight rest that welcomes us … gratitude and immense affection to all of you! Night beautiful angels!

Father Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for more tonight Almighty God bless our Saturday night. Changes my God circumstances, turn the captivity of my God. Opens all doors for that person who closed. My friend (a) receive your miracle of God tonight in the name of the living God Almighty, Amen.

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Good night I want a night full of joy I wish you good sleep … I wish you sleep well and dream the best …… What that night fill the void … … SWEET DREAMS my goddess

Let us be thankful for today. We did what was possible. If there were disagreements, we seek forget them. Tomorrow is a new day and we should get it serenely, in high spirits, in the certainty that the divine light continues illuminating our lives and that peace will reign between us.

It’s bedtime,
but before leaving,
I ask our gracious God
to protect me and you all,
I apologize to you
our father and creator,
if I was not a good son today
and did not know how to spread love,
but tomorrow if I may ,
I will redeem myself.
Sweet evening everyone and stay with the top 10 list blessing of the Father!

ay peace embraces your heart, bringing serenity to his soul and so gratefully receive this new week arrives, full of blessings, achievements and many joys to us! Good rest angels

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